Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wizards Warp up - TeenTV interview

Final Day of WOWP

TeenTV: Selena, you were named one of E Entertainment’s most stylish stars of 2011. What do you think you do fashion-wise that stands out?
Selena: I don’t know. I always used to say I dress like a 30-year-old. I dress older. I just like being comfortable. I like fashion but I don’t know the trends. I don’t know a lot of designers but I love what you can do with fashion, being on stage or red carpet. A lot of it is just really fun for me.

TeenTV: Are you spending New Years with Justin?
Selena: I’m actually spending it with my band. We’re going to be performing in Times Square on TV so I’m excited. I’m flying out my grandparents and my cousin. We’re just going to go out and spend it there.

TeenTV: What do you love to do when not working?
Selena: I love to do nothing! I just sit on my couch and eat and I bake.. just that.

TeenTV: Do you both have a favorite episode now that the show is over?
Selena: I didn’t have a favorite episode but I had a favorite season. Season three because we had our groove and our thing. It was perfect and it wasn’t the end just yet. I really enjoyed it.

David: Yeah, that was a great season. The last episode was something really memorable. The first episode I wrote was really memorable for me. The table read was great; hearing my name called in the script and having people laugh at jokes I wrote was a whole other type of satisfaction. I’ve written a short film that I’m directing in February. I’m very passionate about the creative side.

TeenTV: How about you, Selena, do you have ambitions to write or direct?
Selena: Oh nooo! I think I’ll stay in front of the camera. He does all that. He’s the whole package.

TeenTV: Were you surprised about the last episode… that we haven’t seen yet?
Selena: Yes I was. I didn’t know what to expect. They didn’t tell us who was gonna win (the final wizard battle). They didn’t tell us anything until the last minute; until the day we shot it. We didn’t know so I was very surprised and happy at the way it ended and I think our fans will be too.

TeenTV: Do you have a favorite fan experience over the years?
Selena: Just going overseas was really run for me. I toured the states and Canada and went to South America and that has been really cool. The fans are so passionate and fun and loud. I love that.

David: People running up to you and speaking a different language. That’s an odd experience but it’s flattering.

TeenTV: When you are out of the states, do you get to go out and do things without fans or paparazzi swamping you?
Selena: I can be a tourist. I don’t think it’s changed for me. Yeah, you get recognized occasionally but I’m not scared of that. I want to do things, go out and see the places that I’m [visiting] so, obviously, I do that.

David: It’s different that people think. All they see is what is in magazines and it’s plastered all over but it’s different in real life and not as bad as people think.

Selena: Well, Jennifer Aniston and those people probably get it a lot.

TeenTV: What is a question you are glad you won’t ever be asked again now that the show is ending?

Both: What’s your favorite spell? [we laugh]
Selena: We never know what to say on that or they ask your most embarrassing moment.
David: I won’t miss those.

TeenTV: Any New Year resolutions?
Selena: No cuz I can’t keep them. I’m awful at that. I make them every year and I forget the first week.

David: I set goals for me to accomplish each year. This year, I accomplished my goals and next year I have goals but it’s not New Year’s resolutions.

TeenTV: Who are you dying to work with?
David: For a director I’d like to work with Paul Thomas Anderson. He’s one of my favorite filmmakers ever and he’s from Studio City here in the valley (L.A. area). As for actors, I’d like to work with Ryan Gosling.

Selena: [excited] Yes! Me too….for other reasons. If you work with him please let me come visit you!

TeenTV: Selena, any dream accomplishments?
Selena: I’m in a transition position so right now I just want to make great movies, great music. I want to have fun and focus on that and more on myself.

TeenTV: What is a song on your i-pod that might surprise people?
Selena: I have a lot of rap. And I like Country and older stuff like ‘50’s stuff.

David: The Power Rangers theme song [laughter]. I’m not kidding! Like if I’m driving through the canyon, I bump it loud, especially if there aren’t a lot of cars and I’m wanting to drive fast. The Power Rangers theme song lights a fire under me.

Selena: Oh my goodness.

TeenTV: Where are you going to keep your wands from the show?
David: In my mom’s office.

Selena: Me too.

TeenTV: Do you have any lucky charm or thing that you like to take on red carpets and things like that?

David: I have a lucky pair of underwear that I didn’t even know was lucky. I’m serious. I had some tough scenes in a movie and I figured out that all the days that I did well, I was wearing this underwear. [Selena is cracking up]. So, I had to make sure I had a bunch of them and that I washed all of them.

Selena: [laughing] I don’t have anything ….like that.

TeenTV: What’s going on with each of you next?
David: I just did a film in Mexico called Little Boy. It’s a World War 2 drama. I got to work with very talented actors and learned a lot. That should be out in the latter half of 2012. Also, a movie called The Borrowers is coming out in February.

TeenTV: Selena, you last album did pretty well. Are you going to focus on your music or on movies?

Selena: I’m going to still do music. I’m very pleased and happy with how well the record did and I’m so thankful that radio and everybody has been so supportive. But, next year I’ll be doing more acting. I’ll do two films in the beginning, then some music. I’m balancing both.

TeenTV: Any wishes for your fans since the show is ending?
Selena: Just thank you for being with us for four years. We’ve really had the best time and we hope that everything we did, you guys enjoyed. Hope you are satisfied with the ending

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