Friday, March 18, 2011


Selena talked to Latina Magazine and they talked about Latin singer Prince Royce. He said he was crushing on her and she thinks he’s cute as well. Thats really amazing... read on.!

Yesterday, bachatero Prince Royce admitted to us that he has a crush on the “beautiful” Selena Gomez, so when we caught up with Selena near Central Park in New York City today (she was in town promoting her summer movie, Monte Carlo, in theaters this July) — we just had to ask Mrs. Bieber what she thought of the
sweet Dominican Prince and how he’s smitten with her.“You know what?” Selena
said quickly. “Can you tell him that I had his email and my email got hacked, so
I had to change my email?” said Selena. “I feel really bad that I don’t have his
email anymore, so please tell him that I’m sorry and that I think he’s really
cute too!” she said.

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  1. iam so jelous he is soo gorgeouse!!!!!!!!