Friday, July 23, 2010

Sel graces Magzine!

Selena is gracing the cover of the Portuguese version of Bravo magazine. It features a photo of selena on the cover Its gorgeous! Click here to read a brief of the article! Unfortunately I don't understand anything the article says so I don't know what its about so if you are welling to translate please post it in the comments :)

Selena is on the cover of yet another magazine. It called 100% Jovem and this one features a new stunning photo on the cover! Selena looks fierce!! Btw I would to correct that the Bravo magazine cover in this post actually has this photo so its not a new photoshoot! I just thought its new cuz it looked so different than the original one! You can check out the scans below! The magazine is available in stores so make sure you go get it! And if you have the scans please donate them and you will receive the full credit

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