Friday, February 12, 2010

Selena is ATREVIDA BRAZIL Cover Girl

Selena Gomez featured in Brazil's ATREVIDA. Thx Translation from Nicolle: After reading a lot of bad comments, Selena who always loved post videos on YouTube and leaving comments to fans in Myspace and Facebook, has quit the internet: 'I don't read comments anymore or see those sites, I feel better that way! It's easy to get lost in the internet world.'
She loves her vintage jewelry box: 'It's an unique piece. I wanted it for so long, but it cost 100 pounds. So I thought I would never have it. But my mom suprised me and gave it to me on Christmas. It's wonderful, it has ballet dancers.'
'Every time I'm with Demi we put Hannah Montana soundtrack, turn the volume up and sing along with our imaginary mics. We're very silly. We do it over and over! I don't know why but I love the songs. Probably I will still at 30, cause even my mom sings Hannah Montana..'
Selena loves Zac Efron's hair, she hates soap operas, math, the ocean (she likes to surf but she's scared of swim there cause she's afraid about what creature might be there), clothes for dogs, listening to her iPod, especially Jason Mraz (she would love to work with him) and John Mayer, besides latin music. She's also a Menudo fan.
She describres herself as half-Mexican and half-Italian. Her dad born in Mexico and her mom in Italy. She defines her fashion style as classic: 'My friends tell me that i dress like a 30 years old woman

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