Thursday, July 9, 2009

Scand of Postar and J-14 August issue/TeenChoiceNews.

I just added scans of August 09 issue of postar. Check it out. Selena ust won two awards in the Popstar Awards.
I also added link for the scans of August J-14 issue. Click the image to view the scans.
I'm so happy to annouce that Selena recived 3 new Summer nominations for the 2009 Teen Choice Awards! How awesome is that?! We should be proud of our selves. She's nominated for:
Summer: Celebrity DancerSummer: TV Star-Female* Summer: TV for Princess Protection Program.....Now we need to make sure that she wins all of them! Please keep voting for Selena for the Red Carpet Icon award and start voting for the summer catagories at this link.

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