Sunday, April 5, 2009

Behind the scenes of wizards of waverly place movie/site message

Bop/Tiger Beat had been invited by Selena, David and Jake to Puerto Rico to hang out with them while they were filming their movie for Wizards Of Waverly Place. It was unreal!
They got to ride to the set with David Henrie which was totally awesome. Not only is he so super cute in person, but he’s also incredibly nice and funny! They talked about everything from the plot of the movie to how he makes his hotel room feel more like home! Once they set they were in shock at how beautiful everything was. The cast has literally shot this movie in Paradise!
the team ran into Jake T. and we sat and talked about his character, his favorite gum (Dentyne Arctic Chill) and a super crazy fan moment where he was caught off guard by a kiss! Yes! That really happened! He had me laughing hysterically as looked through Tiger Beat’s 3D issue and I even got to meet his mom and dad who were there with him on set!
Selena was shooting all day and I was able to sit in a room next door and watch her film a scene where her character Alex gets in a big fight with her mom accidentally casting a spell that almost destroys the family! When I finally got a chance to hang with her in her trailer, Selena told me how much she missed Demi, gushed about her BFFs in Forever The Sickest Kids and spilled on how she was able to introduce smores to the film crew!
After a day on set, I rode back with Selena who was chatting with Taylor Swift on the phone. So cool! David and Jake T. took me to their favorite places by their hotel. We hit up Starbucks then walked down the street to this awesome restaurant where they told me they loved to come with Selena in the morning to get Huevos Rancheros. And yes…I totally tried it! Soooo good! Not only was it a super amazing trip but they cast signed some suuuper sweet prizes we’ll be giving away and shot some really cool videos to make you guys feel like you were there! Check out the video's that i posted

David Henrie and Jake T austin

Sorry for not updating these days i am actually out out city and so couldn't update. I have updated this post with very difficulties.. i will start posting bunch of things from tomorrow

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