Thursday, May 24, 2012

Selena's Hacker Heads to Jail!

A BRITISH hacker infiltrated the Facebook page of Selena's — and threatened to publish their private emails. Here's report..

Gareth Crosskey also posted “Justin Bieber sucks” on actress Selena Gomez’s page.
At the time the couple had not made their relationship public and Bieber fans deluged 19-year-old Gomez with hate mail.
Crosskey, 21, was tracked down by the FBI and the Met Police’s e-crime unit in a £50,000 investigation.
He claimed he wanted to point out security lapses to Facebook bosses after his own account was hacked.
Crosskey, who was working at McDonald’s, posed as Gomez’s stepfather Brian Teefey — the administrator of her page. He then persuaded staff to reset her password.
He posted a video on YouTube showing how he had hacked the page, boasted about it to fellow hackers online and contacted magazines offering to send them information about the beauty.
He also wrote to Mr Teefey claiming he had access to at least four personal email accounts and had copied messages sent between Gomez and Bieber, 18.
He also said he had other emails between Gomez and her best friend Demi Lovato.
Crosskey, of Lancing, West Sussex, admitted at London’s Southwark Crown Court two offences against the Computer Misuse Act and was jailed for a year.
Judge John Price told him: “You are clever with a computer and you hacked into the private part of somebody’s Facebook account.
“Selena Gomez had a Facebook account on which she has six million friends.
“They have permission to get into part of the account and you hacked into private part by getting the email password. People deserve privacy and should not have their private correspondence made public.”
Prosecutor Corrine Bramwell said there was no evidence Crosskey had got hold of any private emails in the January 2011 attack.
Defending, Gareth Morgan said Crosskey had since enrolled on a college course designing computer games.
He added: “He accepts his actions have caused distress and alarm and he accepts that his actions were stupid.”