Sunday, July 24, 2011

TV Guide interview!!

Selena did an interview with TV Digital and it’s in German which I don’t know so I used google translater. You can go to the their site to read it or click on read more.

DIGITAL TV: In your new film you play a young woman who is mistaken for a princess. You will feel yourself at times like a princess?
Selena Gomez: Sometimes this world feels out of glitz and glamor of unreal. If I mornings for two hours in hair and make-up chair has to sit, often comes before me the very abnormal. On the other hand, it’s also fun to make for the red carpet chic and wear great clothes dürfen. But that’s not the reason why I wanted to be an actress or why I love this job so.
DIGITAL TV: What luxury you allow yourself?

Selena Gomez: From time to time a good massage. A super expensive sunglasses I was guaranteed to lose again. Of course I get paid too many expensive things, such as exclusive handbags, and on the other hand I have no objection. But actually, I prefer to save for my future. I would someday like to have a nice house.
Tv Digital

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