Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sel working on new video!!

I have some exciting news for all of you amazing Selena Fans! Selena and The Scene are working on a new music video for their upcoming single which is titled “Who Says” (title hasn’t been confirmed yet). Its so exciting that we are getting new music and I honestly can’t wait to listen to that song and see the video. Also if you are in Los Angeles and you’re a member of Selena’s fanclub “The Scene“, you can actually have the chance to be IN the music video. They are doing a casting in LA and you can find More information on Selena’s fanclub page.

Fan Club members! Wanna be in a Selena Gomez music video? If you live near Los Angeles, you may have a chance!! To find out what we’re talking about, head on over to The Scene.If you aren’t a member of The Scene and want in on the fun, click here for details about joining and to get more information about the music video. Members of The Scene receive an exclusive membership kit, get to post comments, see exclusive photo galleries, interact on the message board, have access to presale tickets, and other special privileges!See you in THE SCENE!
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