Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Selena's Sophomore album "A Year Without Rain" is officially out in all stores across the country. The deluxe edition is available at Target and it comes with a bonus DVD and a few bonus tracks. Be sure to go out and buy the album and also buy it on iTunes on this link. In my opinion, I think this album is a huge improvement from the previous one. Not that I didn't like Kiss and Tell, I love each and every song on it. But this one definitely sounds more mature. Its so fun to listen to! And I guess that's the point of the making music for Selena. I'm so excited for the album to finally come out. Now I'm just hoping it gets a decent debut on Billbaord's Top 200 Albums. I really hope it makes to number one. But I'd be happy with any spot on the top 10.

Now if you bought the album and listened to it already, feel free to send us your review. And Tell us in the comments, What's your favorite songs and which song you think should be the next single based on its popularity?!

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