Tuesday, July 27, 2010

R&B Weekend Totals

Ramona and Beezus came in at #6 at the box office with around 8 million so this means it'll surpass the budget and make a profit. I'm glad that critics favorably gave the movie a lot of positive reviews! Selena is such a talented girl and I would hate to have her talent go to waste, but money ultimately talks in this industry. She should start building herself a fanbase were movie goers are going to go see her movies because we already know she can act. Obviously roles are roles and we know who Selena is and I think the fans will know she's only acting.

The Walden Media/Fox joint venture Ramona And Beezus, based on the classic children's books by Beverly Cleary, is another of those wonderful young girl films championed by femme filmmakers. (For this one -- Elizabeth Allen, Denise Di Novi, and Alison Greenspan). Awareness and interest were solid with younger females followed by older females, while young girls had Disney Channel star Selena Gomez. Even with all this going for it, Hollywood expected Ramona to open to a $10M weekend, but the pic fetched less -- $8M -- after Friday's $3M and Saturday's $2.8M from 2,719 venues. Remember, this pic was inexpensive -- just $15M.

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