Friday, December 18, 2009

'Boys give me headache' - Selena

Selena Gomez shows off her stunning smile as she appears on The Bonnie Hunt Show on Wednesday afternoon (December 16).She dished about her TV series, being a role model and her stepdad Brian. Check it:
On the responsibility of being looked up to: I still remember the first time a little girl came up to me and said she wants to be just like me when she gets older. At first that’s a lot, hearing a little girl say that they want to be you. At first it is a little scary, but I love my job and I love little kids, and they’re the whole reason that I’m here. So my job is to be the best I can be for those kids.”
On boys in general: “Boys kind of give me headaches right now. I’ve got a really good stepdad [Brian] who looks out for me.”
Bonnie even shows some of Selena’s first Disney audition! Check it out in the vids below…

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