Friday, November 27, 2009

Selena Gomez To Star In ‘The Seven Rays’?

Selena Gomez is reportedly in-talks to star in a “book turned movie” called “The Seven Rays“. The Official Twitter account confirmed that they met Selena for lunch to talk about the movie.
The book follows seventeen year-old honor student Beth Michaels who starts receiving gold envelopes with messages like, “YOU ARE MORE THAN YOU THINK YOU ARE”. She thinks that a crazy person might be stalking her.

When she begins seeing people’s thoughts, feelings, and personal histories on their electromagnetic fields, she thinks that she might be a crazy person. And then when the hottest boy in town, Richie Mac, kisses and becomes obsessed with her, she knows that something’s up. But she can deal with all of that until her mom gets freaked out by her erratic behavior and sends her to a psychiatric institute for observation.

It is here where Beth finds out that she was adopted under mysterious circumstances and perhaps has supernatural powers. Now all she has to do is break out of the ward – with Richie’s help – and road trip to New York to discover who she really is and why all this is happening to her… Is it possible that Beth might be more than she thinks she is? The Seven Rays is a paranormal coming-of-age story that delves into love, friendship, family and the supernatural. “The Seven Rays” is a novel written by Jessica Bendinger.

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