Saturday, September 5, 2009

Facebook Promo Campaign

Selena uploaded a new video on her you tube channel with her band to talk about a contest to promote Kiss and Tell. The winner will win a bunch of awesome prizes. Here's a few more info:

We want to work together with you guys to promote our new album "Kiss & Tell" in stores September 29th. So we decided to create a contest, go out and promote the album the best you can be sure to include 1. Selena and The Scene 2. Kiss & Tell 3. September 29th. Make all your entries at and click the promo tab to officially enter. Top ten winners will receive a signed cd from us, the top three of those 10 will receive a phone call from us and the grand prize winner will receive 4 VIP tickets to one of our shows in 2010. Enjoy our attempt to tell you the above.

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