Friday, September 18, 2009


We are going to have a contest.! Just read the main post below.!
The Objective:
To make a banner with the size (868x404) or with the size (937x558) to be featured on the Selena Gomez Mania (with full credit to the winner and its site).
The Rules:
1) Entries must use this photoshoot or pics from this photoshoot.
2) Entries must have the name Selena Gomez Mania somewhere on it.
3) Entries must be exactly (868x404) or with the size (937x558) pixels.
4) Entries must either be in JPG format Also, you can enter only 3 banners into the competition as you would like!!

How to Enter
Send your Banner through emailing me at vedantmisri [at] or simply giving the link of your banner in the Cbox. Give your site name, your name and site url with your entry.The

· The banner will be featured as the only on the Selena Gomez Mania with full credit to the winner for 2 weeks (or longer, it just depends).
· The winner and the second runner up would get advertised on our site both top and below of site with several links.
· The winner will also get some exclusive untagged things from Selena Gomez Mania.
· The winner if is not our elite would become an elite affiliate of Selena Gomez Mania. If the winner is a fellow Selena Gomez fan site, they will have the option of becoming sister site with us. If the winner chooses to do so, they must also do the same for Selena Gomez Mania.
·Will get a banner from us for their site and award graphic also
The Deadline:
All entries are due by October 17. The winner will be announced on October 18.

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