Saturday, August 15, 2009

Affilite Check up!

So inspired from Nedrdy Music Graphics, I haa a affilite check.

Removed Sites

  1. Free Teen Shows (because they have shifted and there is no affilite column)
  2. Disney Teen Central (because they have their own domin and we are not an affilite there.)
  3. Disney Download Source (have not updated for a month)
  4. Love Love Miley (dont have affilite column)
  5. Jorden Download (have closed down)
  6. Miley-Jonas Fan (closed)
  7. Sister Site :Disney India Rocks: (Suspended)

Shifted Sites

  1. Downloadplayground to affilite
  2. Disney Teen Media to affilite

There is now space for two elite afilite so you can ask for that now.

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