Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Teen Choice Award 2009!

The nominees for the 2009 Teen Choice awards were announced today and Selena was officially nominated for "Female Red Carpet Icon"! But honestly all f us (Selena's Fans) are a little bit shocked that she was not nominated for other Categories such as Choice TV Actress and Choice Movie for Another Cinderella story and we know she deserves it more than anybody else cuz she worked so hard and she's such an amazing actress! Selena should be nominated for more than one award! So we are calling ALL Selena's Fans to unite, go to this page and suggest Selena for the following categories: 1:Choice TV Actress: Comedy for wowp, 2:Choice Female Hottie, 3:Choice Movie: Music/Dance for Another Cinderella Story, and finally 4:Choice TV Show: Comedy for wowp. We are hoping that they will add her to the nominees list when they receive a bunch of emails and suggestions or at least consider nominating her for more than 1 award next year! So please go there and post your suggestions! But also don't forget to vote for Selena for her "Female Red Carpet Icon", We need to vote like crazy to make sure she wins it!

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