Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Selena Takeocers Radi Disney-Part 2

Hey! just said added more pics of selena on radio disney and the info on what they discussed!
Selena Gomez looks gorgeous in a bright floral top as she takes over Radio Disney on Monday afternoon (April 13) in Burbank, Calif.
The 16-year-old Wizards leading lady dished to the host Ernie D all about her favorite Wizards episodes, why she loves acting and BFFs Demi Lovato and Jennifer Stone. Check it:
On her absolute favorite Wizards episode: “My favorite episode so far would have to be where Jake [T. Austin], my little brother on the show, goes on his first date. It was a very sweet episode and I really felt like a big sister in that episode.”
On hanging out with BFFs Demi Lovato and Jennifer Stone: “Me and Jennifer love to be in our school rooms [on the Wizards set] and we love to decorate our school rooms. We have our favorite actresses, favorite designers and put them on our walls. For us, we just love to hang out. We’re the girls of the group, so we just love to sit and do nothing and look at magazines.”
“I talked to Demi yesterday. I have her deluxe CD. It’s awesome. I love her new song. I love all her songs. We had a promo shoot yesterday and I got to spend the whole day with her yesterday. I can tell you our schedule for promo for Princess Protection Program. She’s in London, I’m in California. We get on a plane, meet in New York, we get four hours of sleep. We get up, hair and makeup, do Regis & Kelly, Mike & Juliet, two radio shows, one photo shoot. We get on another plane to Canada that day, land and premiere our movie. All in one day. There are times we have to schedule friend-time. There’s been times I’ve cleared my schedule for her and she’s done the same for me.”
On why she starting acting in the first place: “The whole reason I got into acting [is The Wizard of Oz]. I was obsessed with that movie and Judy Garland was absolutely beautiful and had such a great singing voice. I wanna do everything like her. I want to sing then dance and act.”

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