Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Selena Gomez High-Fives Fans!

Selena Gomez gets sandwiched in between JJJ reader Candice’s cousin Victoria and her friends on the set of Ramona & Beezus in Vancouver on Friday (April 24).

Candice writes to JJJ, “They are filming Ramona & Beezus across from my house. Today, Victoria and her friends came by my house to wait for Selena but girls had been waiting outside my house for two hours. She started filming the movie two weeks ago and since then, there have been small groups of girls appearing on my street waiting for a chance to get a picture of her.”

She continued, “Selena has been extremely friendly and the longest that I’ve seen some girls wait is around 3 hours. Immediately after Selena came outside, my cousin’s friends ran out of my house barefoot and Selena exclaimed that it was way too cold to be barefoot! When my cousin was talking to her, she asked her where she got her top from and when my cousin replied ‘Target,’ Selena gave her a high five and told her she looked adorable.”