Friday, March 27, 2009

Selena: On her dad. BFF and Coming Home

Selena Gomez has been in Puerto Rico for the last several weeks now filming the upcoming Wizards movie and she’s starting to get homesick. Lucky for her, Selena’s dad is coming to visit her soon and she’s only got one more week before she hops on a plane to come home. What’s the first thing you think she wants to do? See her BFF Demi, of course! She just posted a little tweet on her Twitter page all about it:

It’s hard being away from your best friend. But being that they’re in the spotlight and traveling all the time for tours and filming Demi and Selena are used to it by now. WE wanted to know how these two BFFs handle the distance and Sel told us all about it. “A lot of text messaging,” she laughed, “We would have phone conversations, like TWO hour phone conversations, about everything going on. We were big phone people, so we called each other all time and if we couldn’t we just always knew.” And, even though it’s hard to be far away from her best friend, Selena knows in the long run it doesn’t matter. “She’s the type of friend that if I can’t or she can’t talk to me for one day I know that I’ll always have her and it’ll be okay. I think it took us a really long time to realize is that we will always have each other no matter how long we go without talking.”Well, WE can’t wait for you to come back to Hollywood either, Sel! Safe travels ’til then!

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