Saturday, February 28, 2009

New episodes of WOWP this March

Hey guys i am late to post so many post of selena that i haven't due to the examination. There is going to me two new episodes of wizards of Waverly place in March

March 1st! Art teacher

Max is visited by Dwayne Johnson and Misty May-Treanor when they learn that he is suffering from a mysterious ailment, but they aren't too pleased when they discover that he created the disorder through magic to get out of gym class. Meanwhile, Alex bonds with a new art teacher who is really a teen under an age spell.

March 15th! Future Harper

Alex, Justin and Max Russo travel into the future to find a best-selling author who is using their lives as the basis of her novels, only to find out the author is Harper Finkle (guest star Rachel Dratch). After the discovery, Justin must ensure that Alex and Harper stay friends to preserve all of their futures.

You can also view the promotional stills of both the episodes. the first two are of Future HARPER and the last one is of Art teacher. Click on the images to view more images.

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